Redistricting can take on many forms and we help the client decide the proper approach to fit the needs of their community. Cropper GIS has implemented hundreds of redistricting studies in a variety of ways. The key is to integrate community input at some level and form.

Cropper has performed redistricting studies for districts of all sizes across the United States. We have worked on projects that affect everywhere from 2 schools (small district) up to 60 schools (large district-wide process) in a single process. Redistricting can be approached in a variety of ways, and the approaches vary depending on the level of community involvement a district feels comfortable with. Each process is catered specifically to the client’s needs and is built from the bottom up with a school board approval date as the end-goal.

The key to a successful redistricting effort is clear and open communication of data and options via a transparent process. It is important to keep the public apprised of the progress regardless of the specific process/approach a district takes. The public is always interested when a redistricting process is underway, and providing them with data, maps, and tools to examine the process independently is always a bonus!

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