GIS Implementation & Training

Cropper GIS consults with many school systems on mapping/GIS. We work with many districts that GIS staff, and help to build their abilities and help them to use best practices. We also help districts who are interested in building GIS capacity internally, and can guide you through the various pitfalls that exist in the GIS world.

A goal of Cropper GIS is to eventually empower clients with the ability to analyze their data independently of consultants. With this in mind, Cropper GIS moves to customize a system for them that integrates all of their data together. Once this system is in place, Cropper GIS assists clients in planning to solve their problems at hand. While this is occurring, the client is already gaining an understanding of the potential for GIS as it applies to their market. Once problems are solved, Cropper GIS facilitates the purchase of a GIS system and provides training that is catered to the client’s market. Training and exercises are performed with their data, so the client can begin to get more familiar with the information.


Cropper GIS
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