GIS Consulting

We help solve problems and answer questions that have been asked for decades. Emerging datasets and technology now enable districts to find answers to questions that they couldn’t accurately answer in the past. Things such as “What percentage of students attend private school in this area?” can now have an efficient and accurate answer.

Cropper works with school districts as an extension of their staff. Some of our clients utilize GIS and have staff and systems in place to leverage GIS. Cropper works with these staff on projects and provides consultation on the best methods to perform GIS analysis and/or do various geo-processing tasks. Oftentimes, Cropper is called on to convert data into GIS format, and then the district analyzes the data independently. Other times, we do everything from GIS development to planning with the information. It all depends on what the client needs, and we work to make sure that both your staff and our staff are operating as efficiently as possible.


Cropper GIS
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