Demographic Analysis

In order to know what will happen to school enrollment, you must first know what will happen to the entire population. Age structure and aging dynamics of various areas are the primary driver of population/enrollment change. As part of our process, we forecast the entire population by 5-year age cohorts, and the results of these findings drive accurate enrollment forecasts.

Demographic analysis is important for businesses to gain a clear understanding of what is occurring within their area. Factors that pertain to housing and population can be analyzed to give this clear depiction. Historical data is analyzed to determine trends, current data is analyzed to determine where things are as of now, and future plans are analyzed to determine where things are planned to go. Putting all of this on a map removes the problems of being bogged down with multiple tables, spreadsheets, and reports. It is very hard to find relationships when looking at 10 pieces of paper, but having the ability to layer these data elements on top of each other on a map removes this issue. GIS really makes things more clear!

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