Jerome McKibben, PhD

Jerome McKibben

Dr. Jerome McKibben possess over 20 years of experience in projecting enrollments, population, and housing. He holds a Ph.D in Demography from Bowling Green University, and has taught demography, statistics, and sociology at several universities within the U.S. and in Europe. Dr. McKibben has a Bachelor’s degree from Geneseo, NY and a Masters Degree from Syracuse.

In addition to having been the State Demographer of Indiana for 6 years, he also was the recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award in Berlin, Germany in 2002. He has testified before state legislatures, courts, and the US Congress on census and population issues.

Dr. McKibben specializes in population and enrollment analysis/projections, redistricting, policy and planning, research methods and statistics, needs assessments, and race/ethnicity based issues.

Dr. McKibben will be the lead on the development of all enrollment forecasts. He is regarded as one of the foremost experts on small area population forecasts among his peers. Dr. McKibben has written multiple publications about demography and social issues that pertain to population and housing. Some of his notable publications include:

  • The Demographic Effects of Katrina: An Impact Analysis Perspective. The Open Demography Journal, Vol. 2, 36-46, 2009. Co-authored with David Swanson, Lynn Wombold, Richard Forgette and Mark Van Boening.
  • “School District Planning Needs and the 2010 Census” In Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, Vol. 33, No. 2, May 2007
  • “The Impact of Policy Changes on Forecasting for School Districts” Population Research and Policy Review. Vol. 15, No.5, December 1996, P. 527-536
  • “Race and Ethnicity” In Methods and Materials of Demography, Second Edition. Edited by Jacob Siegel and David Swanson. Academic Press, Boston, March 2004
  • “Population Distribution – Classification of Residence” In Methods and Materials of Demography, Second Edition. Edited Jacob Siegel and David Swanson. Co-authored with Kimberly Faust. Academic Press, Boston, March 2004

Dr. McKibben has also served on multiple boards and committees including:

  • Organizer and chair, session on Issues in the Demography of K-12 School Districts, Conference on Applied Demography, San Antonio TX, January 2010.
  • Chair, session on The Causes and Consequences of Migration, Southern Demographic Association Annual Meeting, Orlando FL, September, 1997
  • Chair, session on Seasonal Migration and Economic Impact, Fifth International Conference on Applied Demography, Bowling Green Ohio, September 1994
  • Organizer and chair, session on Small Area Population Estimates and Projections: New Models and Data in the 1990s, Population Association of America Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 1991

Primary Responsibilities

Dr. McKibben serves as the lead demographer with Cropper GIS. His primary focus/expertise is on race/ethnic and small area forecasting. Dr. McKibben will review all demographic methodologies.

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  • Ph.D. Bowling Green State University, 1990, Applied Demography.
  • M.A. Syracuse University, 1982, Sociology
  • B.A. SUNY at Geneseo, 1981, History and Sociology

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