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We are Cropper GIS Consulting, although lots of our clients just refer to us as ‘Cropper’. Our firm’s expertise and passion is in providing reliable forecasting and facility planning for our clients. We are demographers, geographers, and planners. Cropper is not just a GIS company. We are problem solvers. We use GIS as a tool to help answer long-standing questions that our clients have about their area, and to provide a clear and confident path for planning.


Why Use GIS?

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In order to understand what the enrollment will look like in the next 10 years, you must understand what will happen with the entire population. Age structure is the primary driver of change, and it is imperative to understand the age dynamics of the area of study.

Typical enrollment projections rely primarily on historical enrollment, new housing, and birth data. This method is not reliable in areas that are experiencing enrollment fluctuations. Did you know that for every new home that is built, 9 are bought and sold? Existing home turnover is a typically much more dominant factor than new construction. Did you know that in most cases, the child is living in a different location by Elementary School than where they were born? This is why it is important not to focus too heavily on birth statistics, but to use it as one of many factors when forecasting enrollment.

It is important to leverage demographic data to develop an accurate forecast of enrollment. Cropper develops a population forecast first, and the results of the population forecast along with dozens of other demographic variables drive the enrollment forecast.

Cropper’s enrollment forecasting process is done using a demographic-based method, and is performed by PhD Demographers whose expertise is in small area forecasting. Our team and associates include some of the best PhD demographers in the United States, who provide insight towards best practices as it relates to their specific expertise. Our team are experts in migration, fertility, mortality, race/ethnicity, and small area forecasting. Cropper have developed demographic studies for 100’s of school districts of all sizes across the U.S., and we strive to have +/- 2% accuracy through the life of the forecast (10 years).


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Our company also has a strong background in Geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which ensures that our findings and data used for study are provided in an understandable formats through maps and tables.

We have extensive experience in collecting data of all types, and providing the information in a ready-to-use mapping format. Maps can be analyzed interactively to be able to answer “what-if” questions quickly and efficiently.

Cropper are always researching new methods that technology provides for analyzing and disseminating data. We provide online and interactive mapping for our clients, which helps them to easily access and use GIS without having to be experts in the industry.


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Cropper have extensive experience in facility planning and redistricting for K-12 School Districts as well as local, state, and federal government agencies. We know the in’s and out’s of school facility planning and have worked with Districts all over the U.S. We help to identify what our client’s needs are, then develop a plan for them to arrive to the solutions they need with information that will help get them there. Every client’s situation is different, and each approach needs to be customized for their needs. We take pride in only suggesting/providing you with what you need, which equates to the client only paying for what they need!

Cropper can provide planning support to your district in terms of demographics and facilities. From calculating school capacity to assessing and establishing the long-term needs in terms of school facilities, Cropper is a valuable resource!

Our Staff

Matthew Cropper

Matthew Cropper is founder and President of Cropper GIS, LLC. His expertise in GIS and problem solving abilities find significant value with clients along with GIS industry professionals. Matt is a licensed GIS professional, or GISP, which is given to those who possess a required amount of education, experience, and proven continued contribution to the GIS industry (presentations & publications). He continues to educate professionals on the benefits of GIS analysis and takes pride in helping grow clients knowledge and understanding of Geographic Information Systems.

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Aaron Cropper

Aaron Cropper is a Senior GIS Developer/Analyst at Cropper GIS. His insight is invaluable as Cropper GIS continues to explore the latest tools available in geospatial sciences. His programming knowledge and ability to work through datasets provide Cropper GIS with a strong foundation for solving complex problems. Aaron works on web map development, data collection, spatial analysis, mapping, redistricting support, training and custom applications development.

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Jerome McKibben, PhD

Dr. McKibben possess over 20 years of experience in projecting enrollments, population, and housing. Dr. McKibben holds a Ph.D in Demography from Bowling Green University, and has taught demography, statistics, and sociology at several universities within the U.S. and in Europe. Dr. McKibben has a Bachelor’s degree from Geneseo, NY and a Masters Degree from Syracuse.

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David Swanson, PhD

David A. Swanson is Professor of Sociology at the University of California Riverside. He served two consecutive terms as a member of the U. S. Census Bureau’s Advisory Committee for Professional Associations from 2004 to 2010, and served as its facilitator in 2009-10.

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Our Clients

  • Adena Health Systems
  • Akron Public Schools, OH
  • Alleghany County Public Schools, VA
  • Atlanta Public Schools, GA
  • Baltimore County Public Schools, MD
  • Beavercreek City Schools, OH
  • Bedford County Schools, VA
  • Berkeley County School District, SC
  • Big Walnut Schools, OH
  • Billings School District #2, MT
  • Bolton School District, NY
  • Brunswick County Schools, NC
  • Buffalo Public Schools, NY
  • Burges & Burges Strategists, OH
  • Butler Technology and Career Development Schools, OH
  • Calhoun County Schools, SC
  • Carlisle Area School District, PA
  • Carmel Clay Schools, IN
  • CCSD 59, IL
  • Central Square Schools, NY
  • Champaign County Schools, IL
  • Charleston County Public Schools, SC
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, OH
  • City of Atlanta, GA
  • City of Piqua, OH
  • Cobb County Schools, GA
  • Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
  • Corning Schools, NY
  • Cullman City Schools, AL
  • Davie County Schools, NC
  • DeKalb County Schools, GA
  • DeKalb County Schools, IL
  • DeKalb County Schools, IN
  • Downers Grove District 58, IL
  • East Point, GA
  • Edgewood City Schools, OH
  • Edison Schools, USA
  • Elmhurst School District 205, IL
  • Fairfield City Schools, OH
  • Fayetteville Public Schools, AR
  • Fort Mill Schools, NC
  • Frederick County Schools, MD
  • Fremont Catholic Schools, OH
  • Greenburgh 7 Schools, NY
  • Griffith Public Schools, IN
  • Guilford County, NY
  • Hamilton City Schools, OH
  • Hamilton Credit Union, OH
  • Hamilton Wenham Schools, MA
  • Helena Public Schools, MT
  • Henrico County Schools, VA
  • Kershaw County Schools, SC
  • Lakewood City Schools, OH
  • Lakota Local Schools, OH
  • Madison County Schools, MS
  • Madison Local Schools, OH
  • Marion Unit 2 Schools, IL
  • Marysville City Schools, OH
  • McLean County Unit 5 Schools, IL
  • Meridian Public Schools, MS
  • Mid Ohio Food Bank
  • Middletown City Schools, OH
  • Monongalia County Schools, WV
  • Nantucket Public Schools, MA
  • New Castle County, DE
  • Newberry County Schools, SC
  • North Chicago Schools, IL
  • Ohio School Facilities Commission, OH
  • Pierre Schools, SD
  • Plainedge School District, NY
  • Plymouth Schools, IN
  • Queensbury Schools, NY
  • Reading City School District, PA
  • Richland One School District, SC
  • Richmond Public Schools, VA
  • Ross Local Schools, OH
  • Saratoga Springs Schools, NY
  • Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools, GA
  • Schenectady Public Schools, NY
  • Schodack Schools, NY
  • South Bend Schools, IN
  • South Burlington Schools, VT
  • South-Western City Schools, OH
  • Spackenkill Schools, NY
  • Sussex County, DE
  • Talawanda City Schools, OH
  • US Department of Justice
  • Valparaiso Schools, IN
  • Warwick Public Schools, RI
  • Washington DC Public Schools, DC
  • Washington Township Schools, IN
  • Wellesley Public Schools, MA
  • Westerville City Schools, OH
  • Westwood City Schools, MA
  • Woodland School District 50, IL


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